Cerita pengalaman dengan bahasa inggris 2


One day I went to the market, in the market I buy cakes, bread, fruit and chocolate kesukanku I'm very excited to be spending all food kesukaanku.Saya went with my little brother, my sister asked to buy balloons and candy sugar, he laughed ceria.Selesai shopping we went to the cashier to pay for all the stuff we buy. I want to take my wallet in my purse, I suddenly my wallet was not in my bag, I was panicked and scared, my face pale. then I told the cashier I lost my wallet, I was confused, and then I was told to go into the room the guard, and the guard angry with me, he said I had to pay for all the stuff that I have taken, and the guard asked for my parents' phone number, and then my mom came in and pay for all the stuff I want to buy. it was the most miserable experience I've ever experienced, and I never forget

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