Contoh naskah dialog bahasa inggris untuk 5 orang

 Contoh naskah dialog bahasa inggris untuk 5 orang

(Three female students are chatting on a bus. Because all the seats are taken, they are standing, holding onto some plastic rings hanging down from the bus roof. Two boys are sleeping in their seats. Then the bus arrives at a stop and an old woman gets on. She looks at the seats. Seeing no empty seats, she stands next to a female student and holds onto a plastic ring.)

Scene One

Old woman: There’re no empty seats. I guess I’ll have to stand.
(The female students find the old woman not having a seat. They want to help her find one to sit in.)
Female student A: We should find a seat for her.
Female student B: Right. Those two bad boys did not give their seats to her.
(The two boys continue to sleep.)
Female student C: We should find a seat for her.
Female students A & B: Yes.
(Female student A goes to Boy A and taps on his shoulder.)
Female Student A: Excuse me, could you give your seat to that old lady?
(Boy A stretches and continues to sleep. Female students A and B look at each other. Female student B taps on Boy A’s shoulder.)
Female Student B: Hey! Can you give your seat to that old lady?
Boy A: (wakes up) I lined up for twenty hours yesterday to buy A-Mei’s new album. I’m very tired. I’m sorry I can’t give my seat to the old lady. (continues to sleep)
Female student C: What should we do?
Female student B: Let’s ask the other boy.
Boy B: (gets up suddenly) Ah!
All: (startled)Ah!
Female student B: What happened?
Female student C: Why did you scream?
Boy B: I had a nightmare. It was terrible.
Female student B: Excuse me, can you give your seat to that old lady?
(Boy B falls asleep.)
Female student A: Hello! Is it OK for you to make room for that old lady?
Boy B: Let me sleep, please. I read an English novel all night last night and didn’t get any sleep. Can you let me sleep for a while?
Female student A: Well, we’ve tried.
Female student B: The young man is really brash.
Old woman: Thank you, young ladies! I’m OK! Don’t think I’m an old woman. I am healthy. (makes a few kicks like a young man)
Female student C: Maybe we worry too much. The old lady’s very healthy.
(The bus driver hits the brake suddenly and the old woman falls over. It makes Boy A wake up.)
Boy A: Oh! Are you OK?
Old woman: Oh! Oh! My waist!
Boy A: You can take my seat. (helps the old woman to the seat)
Female student C: Hmm. He just got his conscience.
Female student A: Yeah! I was just about to say they got no manners.
Female student B: Yeah. I thought he was a cold-blooded animal.
Boy A: Hey! Watch your own manners. I’ve given her my seat. I’m really very tired.
(At this time Boy B is embarrassed. He dares not continue to sleep.)
Old woman: Thank you, young man. I’m old and useless.
Boy B: Don’t say that. If I’d given you my seat earlier, the accident wouldn’t have happened.
(The bus driver hits the brake suddenly again. Boy A falls down.)

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