Cerita pengalaman dengan bahasa inggris 3

the day started in the morning my family and I started heading to the mosque to perform Eid prayers together, after running the prayers. me and family
large mutual apology, to the others as well

The next day my family and I prepare to prepare to go home grandma.
My grandmother's house was in ponorogo
it takes time to get there for 6 hours, passing through forests, and mountains, and it was very enjoyable

I went there with my family. Once there we continued to rest and the next day we visited relatives who lived not far from my grandmother's house

after visiting relatives, my family and I came home grandmother,
and my evenings and my family went to the square ponorogo, there is very crowded and lots of people selling
23:00 we went home

I was at home, my grandmother for three days

and at the end of his days when we decided to go home. During the journey to return to my grandmother's house, we had to congestion again. After several hours on the road we finally arrived at my grandmother's place.
My holiday experience was very pleasant, and want it to be able to repeat it again ...!

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