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Junk Foods’ Effects for Your Health

[After school]
Fitri : [Sigh] School really makes me hungry. Let’s get something delicious to eat!
Ratih : Good idea! It’s lunch time anyway. Do you have any idea of delicious foods for our lunch?
Bobi : Hey, what about that food stall?
Ratih : Huh? Wait a minute. That is fast food stall, isn’t it?
Bobi : Yeah. Come on! My stomach can’t wait any longer.
Ratih : Why fast food? Can we find healthier foods for our lunch?
Bobi : Nope, I think there are no healthier food choices around. I heard that it sells delicious cheese burgers and French fries too. Let’s go! I can’t stand hearing my stomach roaring.
Fitri : Come on, Ratih. Hamburger sounds delicious.
Ratih : [sigh]

Ratih : Oh my, Bobi. You ordered two large cheese hamburgers, French fries, and coke. Are you going to eat all these junk foods?
Bobi : Of course! I’m a man. I need more foods.
Ratih : Do you ever think what kind of danger that will come for you by eating these foods?
Bobi : Um… overly full?
Ratih : No….. Bobi. These foods will bring bad effects for your precious health.
Bobi : Huh? What are the bad effects anyway?
Ratih : I join the “healthy life” club that attempts to motivate its members to live a healthy lifestyle. We were taught to stay away from junk foods since junk foods like foods you are going to eat now are known to be very bad for health.
Bobi : Why is that?
Ratih : You know that these foods contain high calories, fats, and sugar, but are really low in nutritional value. Due to the high calories, the more you eat these foods the bigger your body will be. It is called obesity. These foods are also high in salt. If you really love eating these foods, they will lead you to a risk of high blood pressure.
Fitri : Wow, can it get worse then?
Ratih : Of course! Moreover, if you consume these junk foods day in, day out, then the saturated fats will accumulate in your body, especially in your blood vessels. Day after day the fats will pile up in your blood vessels and eventually block your blood stream and make it clogged. If this happens on the blood vessels on your brain, you will then get a brain stroke. The worst one is if you have high blood pressure and the fats block the blood stream on your heart, then you can get a fatal heart strike that can lead you to death.
Bobi : [Gulp] is that…. Is that true?
Ratih : there is no use if I tell fake stories.
Bobi : Alright, I think you’re right. I have to start to go with a healthy lifestyle.
Fitri : Whoa, thanks for that information, Ratih. You really opened our eyes.
Bobi : So, what should I do with all these foods? I haven’t even eaten them yet.
Ratih : I heard you have dogs. Maybe they will like it.
Bobi : [sigh] Oh, great

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